Mediterranean Shrimp Salad


2 Romaine Lettuce Heads

½ Bunch Green Basil; Finely Chopped

½ Bunch Red Basil; Finely Chopped

½ Bunch Cilantro; Finely Chopped

¼ Bunch Parsley; Finely Chopped

¼ Bunch Mint; Finely Chopped

2 Tomatoes; Roughly Chopped

3 Persian Cucumbers; Cut into fourths

½ Head White Onions; Roughly Chopped

½ Cup Cooked Shrimp


Follow the cutting instructions and place everything into large sized salad bowl, big enough for mixing. I love having all these aromatic herbs such as mint, basil and cilantro in there as it gives such strong flavors that make a beautifully tasting combination. You’re really going to enjoy the fresh and bold taste of all these ingredients combined! And now the time has come for my infamous Mediterranean Salad dressing to top it all off. Here’s what you’re going to need:



¼ C Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 ½ Lemons; Squeeze Lemon Juice

¼ tsp. Dried Mint Flakes

¼ tsp. Aleppo Pepper Flakes

2 Garlic Cloves; Minced

1/8 tsp. Salt



All you have to do is combing all these ingredients in a bowl and whisk it all together until you see it all coming together. You want to look for a clouded consistency when looking in the bowl and that’s how you’ll know when everything is combined and ready to be tossed in with the rest of the ingredients in the salad bowl. Go ahead and give the dressing a taste before tossing everything all together and you can always add more lemon or salt to your own taste and liking! Next step is to just toss everything all together, place your portion into your own little bowl and enjoy it!


I would love to hear feedback from you guys who go ahead and try this recipe. It’s a perfect recipe for seafood lovers that want a take on a light summer and spring fresh salad; plus it doesn’t hurt that it’s so simple to make right at home!

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It first took me a while to get into the idea of investing into a blender in order to use for juicing fresh fruits and vegetables for my daily morning intake. But now it is something that I use just about every day and it makes everything so much easier as it also saves money in my pocket. I was used to having things made for me, aka Jamba Juice, but things changed after I realized how many unnecessary sugars are added and used to make their smoothie beverages. Why can’t the natural sugars that are contained within fresh fruits and vegetables shine on their own with no frozen yogurts and artificially flavor juices added into them? I mean, hey to each his own but wouldn’t you rather have the fully vitamin and antioxidants enter your body in its purest form? I think yes!


I personally use the NutriBullet juicer but you can use any other blender or juicer of your own liking to create a variety of delicious flavors for your juice. The thing I like the most about the NutriBullet is that it’s super easy to clean up after preparing the drink and it even comes with an attachment to make the blender cup piece your very own to-go cup to take with you out on the road or even to your own backyard. Another one I highly recommend next to the NutriBullet is the Ninja! I used this all throughout my journey in culinary school and I absolutely fell in love with it for more than the many reasons that I can state….just know that everything you consumer after using both products comes out smooth and blended amazingly with it’s natural flavors glowing through.


Here is my most favorite juice that is packed with so many vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients that it keeps me going for the entire day! Note that there aren’t any exact measurements to this juicing it’s all based on your own Palate Perspective.


  • Fresh Spinach
  • Fresh Italian Parsley
  • Strawberry
  • Blueberry
  • White Grapes
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • POM 100% Pomegranate Juice
  • Water


Remember that when using a NutriBullet there is a tiny marked line on the cup labeled MAX so don’t let your liquids such as the water or pomegranate juice pass that line, other than that pack on the nutrients of fresh fruits, vegetables and seeds. Being Middle-Eastern we usually go with the “little bit of this, little bit of that” measurements so just get creative to your own liking!


Hope that this was a somewhat helpful post towards the world of juicing and remember to just have fun with anything you decide to create! I’d love to hear about some of the other combinations that you have or are willing to try, so please leave a comment in the section below!


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